Truck Drivers

“Truckers… Finally, a tax service just for you. If you owe back taxes to the IRS & or State, we can help. We represent truckers before the IRS in all 50 states. We can resolve your tax problem and settle your tax debt for the lowest amount allowed by law”

Why Are Tax Issues Common For Truck Drivers

Many times, because truck drivers are on the road it is hard to become aware of IRS and State notices and letters.  With your frequency on the road and time gone from home, these IRS or State notices and bills are never received or are lost in the pile of mail you have when you get home.  The last thing truckers want to deal with while they’re home for a short period of time is the IRS or State.  As a trucker it is difficult enough to file tax returns annually, but 1099 or self-employed truck drivers need to make quarterly estimated payments as well to avoid a large unpaid balance at the end of the year. On top of that, truck drivers need to report the long list of traveling expenses necessary to do their jobs.  The IRS or State often only sees the income made and not the large percentage that goes into daily operations and expenses that often truck drivers don’t keep detailed enough properly. Many truck drivers rely on family members or spouses to take care of their “logs” while they’re on the road and very often are disappointed when their tax returns go unfiled or the tax they owe is a lot more than they thought!  They need tax solutions, but don’t have a minute to spend looking for them.


Anthem Tax Services specializes in tax debt settlement, income tax preparation & Bookkeeping for owner operators, company truck drivers and anyone who is affiliated with the trucking industry. We can resolve your tax problem and settle your tax debt for the lowest amount allowed by law

  • Tax Resolution

  • Wage Garnishments

  • Unfiled Tax Returns

  • Bank Levies

  • Liens

What Clients Say

The team has provided tax help to me and my company
from an early stage of our development.

The support provided has been excellent, with rapid
and accurate processing of our complex issues.

I have been using thieir tax help office for years now.
They are really a standout amidst other offices.

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