How Does an Offer in Compromise Work?

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When individuals and businesses do not have the ability to pay a tax debt, the offer in compromise is the IRS’s mechanism for reaching a settlement. It’s not universally approved and there are a lot of requirements that go into obtaining approval if you submit one, but the process is

What Is Tax Relief?

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While taxes are something you deal with every year, they can still fall to the wayside. Either that, or events beyond your control can cause your tax bill to skyrocket out of your financial hands. Either way, you may need tax relief help from us here at Anthem. First, let’s

How Penalty Abatement Works

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If the Internal Revenue Service has assessed a penalty against you for failure to comply with tax rules, you're not alone. In 2012, the IRS assessed a total of $26.8 billion dollars in penalties against 37.9 million taxpayers. Sometimes circumstances prevent you from meeting your obligations to the IRS