What is tax relief?

Tax relief is a generalized term that covers dozens of tax laws and program created by the IRS and State taxing authorities. For example, one may have their debts significantly reduced. Penalty abatement is another commonly used program that allows for a reduction in penalties and in more rare cases a reduction of interest. Tax relief isn’t only limited to individual debts, but also to any business entity. Contact us today to find out which program you qualify for.

Can you help me if I’m not local?

Yes, we are licensed to represent clients in all 50 states. Everything with the IRS and State taxing authorities is done through phone, fax and email. Most people don’t know that hiring someone that’s not local to you is in fact cheaper. This is because you don’t have to pay an hourly rate to have representation. Also, 90% of business these days is done through different methods of technology.

How do I qualify?

There are many different ways in which a business or individual may qualify to receive help. There are three important factors that the IRS looks at when reducing a tax bill and these are: Income, expenses and assets. Another example could be health issues (dental, medical) , emotional distress, bad accounting advice, and natural disasters to name a few. To view a more detailed explanation of the different tax laws please view our services tab or call us at 888-548-0478.

Can I do this myself?

Yes, however, most people who try and do this on their own fail. The main reason why most fail is because there is a required skill set and knowledge in order to get a successful result. There are more than 40,000 different tax codes that require years of schooling, licensing and continuing education to thoroughly understand what is involved. A good example would be a trying to represent yourself in court. Most people would choose not to do this, as it won’t yield the best results.

How long does this take?

Depending on the complexities involved, case completion can vary from one week to 120 days. This mainly depends on how quickly our clients can return documentation and what type of program they qualify for. We have been recognized for having the quickest turn around time in the industry amongst our competitors.