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  • retired couple with tax debt

Can the IRS Garnish My Pension for Back Taxes?

If you wonder whether or not the IRS can garnish or seize retirement funds because of back taxes, you may be worried if you have not paid your taxes for years. Being a retiree does not exempt you from the IRS coming to collect what you owe.  However, there are ...

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Can you become a citizen if you owe the IRS?

For many becoming an American citizen through naturalization is the chance to give their family a better quality of life and find opportunities that they may not have in their home country. But, naturalization is not as simple as filling out a form, and several key factors will determine whether ...

  • photo of cemetery

What happens if a person dies and owes tax debt?

Dealing with the tax affairs of a loved one may seem like a painful prosaic issue to handle after they have passed away, but it is a process that should begin after a period of mourning. When a person leaves this world, they do not take their debts nor their ...

  • irs cp 14 notice

What Is A CP14 Notice from the IRS?

Of all the pieces of mail you don’t want to receive, one of the most daunting ones to have landed in your mailbox is a CP14 Notice from the IRS. If you’re wondering what one is and why it’s such an aggravation, let us explain: A CP14 is a notice ...

  • couple discussing their tax situation

What qualifies for Innocent Spouse Relief?

When you file taxes jointly with a partner, it can often be a way of splitting the stress and tedium of compiling a tax return. Some individuals even leave their spouse to do the work of filing, not seeing the document until it is handed to them to sign. However, ...

  • photo of three passports lined up

Can You Get a Passport with Tax Debt?

A passport is an all-important document you need to travel outside of the United States. However, you may have difficulty obtaining one if you owe back taxes to the IRS. You cannot only be prevented from applying for a passport if you currently have a passport, but it can also ...

  • tax forms laid out on table

What happens if I forgot to file my taxes?

We all forget things sometimes. Maybe an anniversary has slipped our minds; we have forgotten where we parked the car or left our wallet at home. But, what happens if you fail to do something more substantial like forgot to file taxes? Your first reaction to the situation may be ...

  • Outside of IRS Building

How do I respond to an IRS deficiency notice?

The Internal Revenue Service… if the name is enough to make you shudder, even when you do everything strictly by the book, then you're not alone. There is something unsettling about having to contact the IRS, and when you see an envelope in your mailbox with the IRS' return address ...

  • couple reviewing bankruptcy documents

Will Declaring Bankruptcy Clear My IRS Tax Debt?

If the IRS is threatening you with letters and you're feeling financial stress at the same time, you might be wondering if bankruptcy is the answer. You might also be wondering if bankruptcy could clear you of your debts to the IRS. In this article, you will find the answers ...

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