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  • photo of three passports lined up

Can You Get a Passport with Tax Debt?

A passport is an all-important document you need to travel outside of the United States. However, you may have difficulty obtaining one if you owe back taxes to the IRS. You cannot only be prevented from applying for a passport if you currently have a passport, but it can also ...

  • tax forms laid out on table

What happens if I forgot to file my taxes?

We all forget things sometimes. Maybe an anniversary has slipped our minds; we have forgotten where we parked the car or left our wallet at home. But, what happens if you fail to do something more substantial like forgot to file taxes? Your first reaction to the situation may be ...

  • Outside of IRS Building

How do I respond to an IRS deficiency notice?

The Internal Revenue Service… if the name is enough to make you shudder, even when you do everything strictly by the book, then you're not alone. There is something unsettling about having to contact the IRS, and when you see an envelope in your mailbox with the IRS' return address ...

  • couple reviewing bankruptcy documents

Will Declaring Bankruptcy Clear My IRS Tax Debt?

If the IRS is threatening you with letters and you're feeling financial stress at the same time, you might be wondering if bankruptcy is the answer. You might also be wondering if bankruptcy could clear you of your debts to the IRS. In this article, you will find the answers ...

  • social security and back taxes

Can the IRS Garnish My Social Security Wages

If you have underpaid your tax for some reason you might be contacted by the IRS to inform you that you have outstanding taxes to pay. This can often come as a surprise and many people don't have sufficient financial resources to facilitate such an amount, especially if the money ...

  • man in a wheelchair shaking hands with accountant

Owe Taxes with a Disability? Here’s What You Need To Know

Doing your taxes can be a massive headache, even for those with little to declare. However, when you throw benefits you’re receiving from the government, such as disability benefits, paying your taxes becomes that much harder. One thing that many people who receive benefits find themselves asking is: can the ...

  • couple reviewing notice of intent to offset notice

Notice of Intent to Offset: What this means for your tax refund

The IRS manages offsets for Federal taxes owed, and if you owe federal back taxes, the IRS can seize your tax refund or other federal payments. The Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS) of the Department of Treasury conducts the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) and issues IRS tax refunds. All other ...

  • accountant pointing finger

What is the Difference Between Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud?

The United States tax system is infamously complicated. For those looking to learn more about the tax system and the rules that are involved, a common source of confusion is the difference between tax evasion and tax fraud. Luckily, our comprehensive knowledge base will help you learn more about the ...

  • tax payer facing wage garnishment

What to do if the IRS Garnishes Your Wages?

If you find yourself in this situation, your first reaction may be to panic. However, there are some simple, pragmatic, and easy-to-follow steps that you need to take if you want to protect yourself and ensure that all action the IRS takes is completely justified. With this valuable knowledge base, ...

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