What we offer

Our goal is to reduce our clients tax debts to as little as possible. We understand that going through a tough time financially is hard enough as it is, and having the IRS or State breathing down your neck is very intimidating.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

An offer in compromise is a program offered by the IRS and most States to help financially troubled taxpayers reduce their tax debts. Based on our data we have saved on average 98% for our clients.

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Fresh Start Forgiveness

We have saved millions of dollars for thousands of clients by reducing their entire balance with the IRS or State. Based on our data we have saved our clients 98% of what they owe to the IRS or State when they hire us for an “OIC” or fresh start initiative.

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Tax Resolution Services

Owe money to the IRS or State? We can fix that for you. With our staff of tax attorney and enrolled agents we can find the best solution to get you to owe the IRS or State as little money as possible.

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Tax Preparation Services

We offer remote tax preparation services for business owners, executives and individuals year round. We prepare any type of corporate return and personal returns with any different schedule.


Keep track of your personal and business finances through our virtual/remote accounting and bookkeeping services. 

Garnishment & Levy Release

Received a notice of wage garnishment or bank levy? Do you have an active bank levy or wage garnishment? We can get those stopped in as little as 24 hours. If you had money taken from your bank account…we can get that money back for you.

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Freedom of Information Act Request

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a federal law that gives the public the right to make requests for federal agency records.

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Installment Agreement (IA)

We can help set up a realistic payment plan to pay back the IRS/State. We will be able to get you the lowest possible installment agreement possible. No garnishments, bank levies and we can prevent liens from being filled against you or your assets.

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Currently Non-Collectible

The quickest and easiest solution to solve your tax problems. The IRS/State will deem you uncollectible. No garnishments, bank levies or payment plans.

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State Tax Help

We offer state income tax services for business owners, executives and individuals year round. Settlements, payment plans, releasing bank levies and wage garnishments are just some of the service we can help deal with in every state.

*some states don’t accept settlements*

Penalty Abatement

Penalty abatements allow for us to reduce the penalties the IRS/State have assessed. We can do this for 1 year or multiple years. This can take less than 45 days to complete.

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Unfiled Returns (Non-Filer)

We can file tax returns as far as 2001. We can also get the wage and income documents directly from the IRS in case you don’t have your W-2(s) or 1099(s).

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Truck Drivers

Truck drivers who owe back taxes can get tax relief in the form of offer in compromise, installments, penalty abatement or other approach. We specialize in helping owner/operators and anyone in the trucking industry.

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Corporate Tax Preparation

We offer corporate tax preparation services for S-Corps, C-Corps and LLC’s for small business to large corporations. We can prepare any type of business return regardless of the size and complexity.

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